"On both occasions that SANE has presented to our team, the feedback from our staff was extremely positive! Jane has a wonderful natural ability to create a relaxed environment where people are more likely to open up and contribute. We found having Jane come to our practice provided much greater value for money, compared to taking a select few to a seminar. The Time Management session also provided a fun way of looking at all the stresses faced day-to-day in veterinary practice. We discussed ways of dealing with stress and managing our time in the most productive way. I can recommend SANE Management Solutions wholeheartedly as an effective, value for moeny service to any practice wanting to examine the way they do business."

Dr Debbie Delahunty - Horsham Vet Clinic

"Southpaws Specialty Surgery contracted SANE Management Solutions for Veterinary Practices for a period of two years to help our practice navigate the difficult period when rapid growth outstrips management systems and processes. Jane Bindloss and Sally Boyle consulted with us initially and we chose SANE as our support partner due to their extensive knowledge of the veterinary industry and their caring and insightful approach. Over the past two years SANE has:

    • helped us with leadership training and opportunities to discuss leadership challenges for our business principals
    • recommended the strategy and helped us hire a highly effective business manager whose role at our practice has greatly relieved business management, administrative and HR pressures allowing us to focus on our primary functions as specialist surgeons
    • provided us with the opportunities to focus on business strategy through effective workshops that painted our vision for the future direction of our practice
    • provide Business Biopsy services that delivered periodic operational reviews and mystery shopping that allowed us to address our weaknesses and client concerns.

Throughout this period, Jane, as our primary contact, has provided compassionate and caring support while dealing with our team and instructive and informative support to our business principals. I highly recommend SANE to veterinary practices seeking to improve their efficiency and effectiveness while managing the challenges of growth."

Dr Charles Kuntz - Southpaws Specialty Surgery for Animals

"For the last 12 months I have had Jane Bindloss run a monthly coaching session with me over a range of leadership topics including communication skills, motivating team members, performance reviews etc. Jane's mentoring has been extremely worthwhile.

Jane and Sally Boyle's veterinary business experience has been obvious. They ran a 'Client Compliance Workshop' for our clinic which has helped our staff focus on key areas to improve best outcomes for our patients and ultimately the profitability of our clinic. A key example was focusing on the mouths of every pet coming into the clinic. As a result we have seen a 46% increase in dental procedures from last financial year to this one. We also spent some time during the workshop to come up with our core values which all our team now all own. A really worthwhile afternoon which I would definitely recommend." Dr Simon Ronalds - West Gippsland Vet Care

"Park Ridge Animal Hospital worked with Sally and Jane from SANE over a two year period. It was a very productive time. Our work with SANE allowed us to streamline and articulate such things as standards of care, compliance, customer service and staff wellness. This integrated framework has led to significant improvement in all these areas.

One of the key components of the success driven by SANE was the monthly one-on-one meetings. As any business owner knows, time is limited and many things don’t get done. The monthly coaching sessions held us accountable and ensured management tasks were completed.

Creating the business core values and vision was achieved early in our time with SANE and being coached on how to integrate them into the daily life of the business has meant they have become a key management tool. Now, we couldn’t manage the business without them.

At the end of the two years we have a much more structured management system with the load spread between team members rather than focusing on the owner. It is a much happier and productive work place as well as having a happier boss. We would recommend Sally and Jane to any veterinary business striving to create a great, productive and profitable workplace."

Dr Nigel Thomas - Park Ridge Animal Hospital

"I engaged Jane last year as a business coach, and the results so far have exceeded my expectations. Jane is very good at what she does, and committed to us getting the results we seek. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Jane to other veterinary practice owners looking to improve their bottom line or their quality of life, or both."

Dr John Parncutt - John the Vet

"We have been working with Sally and Jane for several years and have streamlined our practice, seen profit growth when it had been decreasing, feel more in control of our practice and have returned some work-life balance to the partners. We feel that Sally & Jane keep our finger on the pulse with what's going on with the rest of the industry while we are getting on with working in our own practices. They also act as really great reasonable sounding boards for all our whacky and not-so-whacky ideas. They have also healed us through HR issues and kept us on track to take our business where we want to go. With the help of SANE, we have changed the culture of our clinic in six months - we thought it would take two years!"

Dr Amanda Hulands-Nave - Bellarine Veterinary Practice

"Sally and Jane have offered their combined experience in veterinary business to help us develop a clear vision for our practices' future, worked with us to set clear goals, offered guidance on critical areas for success and provided an objective source of advice when we needed it. They have helped bring out practice into the 21st century."

Dr Simon Edwards - Willunga Veterinary Service

"SANE were able to assess the situation, develop recommendations and provide us with the tools to move our growing organisation forward. They worked well with both our staff and our Board, to ensure everyone had input and ultimately produced exactly what we needed."

Dr Shane Simpson - AVBA President 2010-2011

"They have helped me to set direction, and now I know that the practice is heading in the right direction. More importantly, our whole team know what we believe in, what we stand for and where we are going. Using SANE Veterinary Management was an investment in Animal Eye Care. This has already paid for itself many times over, and will continue to do so. More importantly, I feel SANE and not alone! I cannot put a price on that!"

Dr Robin G Stanley - Animal Eye Care

Each of these clients is more than happy to talk to you one-on-one about their experiences with SANE!