Team Meetings

Run a Spectacular Team Meeting!

Where are you now?

If your team meetings are boring, unproductive or a cat-fight, SANE will help you turn them right around! Could be the prospect of them is so awful that you don’t even have them. We’ll assess your current concerns by interview and determine why you’re unhappy with how things are going.

Where do you want to be?

Team meetings are the best part of the we say! We’ll focus on determining the outcomes you would like to see and relate them to practice productivity and growth.

How are you going to get there?

Feedback and training can be presented in a way that will keep your team engaged. SANE will share with you some of their tried and tested techniques that have been presented at SANE’s workshops and adopted by many vets, managers and nurses. All required materials will be provided. Then, if you wish, we’ll come to your practice and help you conduct your first spectacular team meeting!

We’ll keep in touch with you to ensure that you stay on track and succeed in running spectacular team meetings!