Leadership Coaching

Empower your Team Leaders!*

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Where are you now?

In larger practices where satellite branches, departments or sectors have emerged, the chain of command can lose control. The leaders of small groups are often ill-equipped to deal with issues outside the daily routine and require some management skills.

Where do you want to be?

There are a certain things a leader must be - intuitive, optimistic, confident, a role model, courageous, honest etc. There are also things that a leader must know about – skills, tools, tasks, teams, human nature. There are also things that a leader must do – motivate, coach, mentor, implement, reward, delegate and make decisions.

These do not come naturally to all and are acquired through continual work, study, training and experience.

How are you going to get there?

SANE will hold a two hour coaching session with you every month or bi-monthly, either face to face or remotely using Skype© or phone. The coaching includes areas such as Self-analysis, Communication, Coaching (motivating) Skills, Personal Time Management, Measurement and Stress Management. We will provide you with some great tools, for example "The One Page Plan" to help you manage your team, your time and yourself!