Client Compliance

What does it mean and how do we get it?

The goal of the Client Compliance Team Workshop is to maintain engagement of team members, remind them of their purpose and passion, and give them the latitude to perform to the best of their ability. If they consistently do what’s best for the pet, are supported with systems and processes to implement this utilising a team approach, then organic growth for the practice will result. The workshop addresses ten pet health ten parameters that will be checked, recorded and acted upon at each of four client/practice touch points. We work with your team to ensure that implementation is successful and integrated into existing processes.

One of the major problems with existing veterinary practices is that team members become disengaged. Their purpose - to do the best for the pet, becomes lost in the demands of meeting targets, cost restrictions and perceived over-selling. This has caused dissatisfaction for some team members leading to an increase in staff turnover and a drop in productivity.

SANE has conservatively estimated that $150,000 per annum, per 3 to 4-vet practice is being lost through inattention to the client compliance parameters.

The Client Compliance Workshop comprehensively addresses the many aspects of delivering best practice to ensure best income. Over the last decade, SANE has been monitoring these changes to the industry and are now regarded as an authority.