Managing Debtors

It is possible to get on top of client debt!

SANE will identify by interview your current debtor data, systems and processes. Following up with questions to the remaining team members, SANE can build a picture of how debt is managed at the front desk, in the consult room and via your accounting system.

Further interviews and exercises with you will reveal your vision for the debtor management in your workplace. This will drive the next stage – SANE will visit your practice to work through a debtor management exercise with your team.

Using a workshop format, SANE will guide your team members into thinking more logically about client debtors. Processes and language will be explored and critiqued. Better ways of dealing with potential debtors will be brainstormed. The actions and roles of receptionist, nurse and vet will be examined and improvements identified. We’ll look at how your existing client debtors can be dealt with and what systems and processes can be put in place to avoid new client debtors.